What happens at our ‘Take the Stage’ school holiday program

What happens at our ‘Take the Stage’ school holiday program
06/09/2019 ASPA Group

What happens at our ‘Take the Stage’ Holiday Programs?

Every year we run performing arts holiday workshops for young people aged 5-15 in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

If you’re wondering if our two-day immersive performing arts program might be right for your child, then today we’re breaking down exactly how our holiday programs work to give you an insight into our ‘Take the Stage’ workshop.

A fun and social environment to explore their creativity and make new friends

Our aim is to provide a fun opportunity for young people to experience different aspects of the performing arts. Whether they’re brand new to performing, have done some choir but never tried a dance class, or are confident and experienced performers, our two-day program is a wonderful opportunity for young people to spend time developing their creativity in a social environment.

How the day works


Singing sessions have students work as a group to learn and polish a contemporary song, while building basic vocal technique and music terminology. Participants will work on rhythms, dynamics and phrasing as well as learn more about developing a solid vocal technique. The sessions are fun and fast-paced, and allow participants to explore their musical creativity.


We teach a group dance routine suitable for boys and girls that engages participants while promoting coordination, body awareness and introduces performers to basic dance technique and terminology. We aim to create routines that are all-inclusive, meaning that no prior dance training is necessary. Dance sessions begin with physical warm up and stretching, and then move into learning choreography in a fun and inclusive environment.


We include Theatre Skills sessions to help participants build connections and learn theatre specific skills in a relaxed and inclusive environment. Each session will start with a warm up, and then contain activities that explore characterisation, improvisation and ensemble work.

Showcase Concert

The showcase concert is performed at the end of the two days for family and friends. This is an opportunity for participants to share what they’ve learned, build their presentation skills, and experience performing in front of a live audience.

Benefits of a performing arts education

By immersing themselves in the performing arts for two full days, we find young people blossom creatively and socially while developing life-skills and building genuine friendships with other creative children.

Parents are always delighted by the ‘hidden curriculum’ – greater confidence, self-esteem, public speaking skills, presentation and team work.

Enrolments are now open!

Enrolments are now open for our October programs in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra. For all of the dates and details and to download an enrolment form, head to the Holiday Program section of our website.