Why ASPA Education?

At the Australian School of Performing Arts, we believe passionately in the power and potential of the performing arts to motivate, challenge and encourage people of all ages and abilities.

Through our work as ASPA Education in schools, corporate and community organisations and other alternative education settings, we see participants transformed and inspired by the magic of the performing arts.

Inspiring students as they learn and grow

Students and young people who engage in the performing arts enjoy benefits that impact academic performance, social skills, confidence and self-esteem. Research suggests that children exposed to drama, music and dance experience direct impacts on cognitive development and are more proficient in reading, writing and mathematics. The skills and confidence that are developed are transferred far beyond the rehearsal or performance, and encourage young people to become resilient, self-assured and engaged members of a team, who share a real sense of accomplishment with others.

Sharing our knowledge with teachers and educators

Teachers and educators in both traditional and alternative education settings love working with ASPA Education to develop their skills in delivering performing arts outcomes. Through our professional development workshops, we provide educators with tools, practical resources and skills that are readily transferable to the classroom or early childhood setting. Building the capacity of classroom teachers, specialist teachers and early childhood educators to engage their students in the performing arts is a priority for ASPA Education.

Taking the performing arts beyond the classroom

Never afraid of a challenge, the ASPA Education team are always looking for innovative ways to bring the performing arts to new audiences. Through working with corporate organisations and alternative education settings in a range of communities, we know that the performing arts can benefit, inspire and engage people of all ages and abilities.