Early Childhood Education PD

Early Childhood Education Professional Development Program

Program Overview

Our Early Childhood Education (ECE) Professional Development Program aims to support and train early learning educators to increase their confidence and ability to facilitate performing arts content in Early Childhood settings.

Research has shown that the music learning from early childhood onwards helps children to speak more clearly, develop a larger vocabulary, enhances listening skills and strengthen social and emotional skills.

Using music, movement and play-based activities, educators will learn effective ways to engage and interact with children, with outcomes aligned to the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLFA).

In these dynamic and hands-on sessions, ASPA Education Instructors equip educators with fun, achievable songs, dances and activities that encourage the development of language and communication skills, motor skills, literacy and numeracy, creativity, and overall wellbeing in preparation for school.

This program is designed to empower Early Childhood Educators with the confidence to deliver simple, high-quality music and movement activities which align with curriculum outcomes. 

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Program Structure


Based on the chosen theme, ASPA Education will equip educators with:

  • A Themed Song – Written specifically for pre-school aged children, each original song links with the selected theme and can be performed for parents and friends.
  • A Themed Dance – Created exclusively by Raw Energy Dance Education, these dynamic and fun dances are designed to be taught easily and are accessible for all abilities.
  • Singing Activities Provides an opportunity to explore verbal, auditory and social skills while developing children’s musicality including tempo, rhythm, dynamics and pace
  • Movement Activities – Combines physical benefits with improved social and communication skills, as well as personal and physical awareness skills.
  • Drama Activities – Develops creativity, self-esteem, teamwork, trust and concentration skills.
  • Digital resources to take with you – 1 x song, 1 x dance and 3 x activities.

The Learning Model

Our encouraging, experienced and professional instructors will work with educators in your centre to deliver this professional learning model, which will see educators walking away feeling more confident to deliver performing arts activities independently.

Session One: Observe – ASPA Ed will run a lesson with Early Childhood participants, while educators are invited to observe and take notes.

Session Two and Three: Participate – Using the knowledge and resources observed in Session One, educators are given the space to try out their new skills with the support and guidance of the ASPA Ed Instructor. We’ll leave the centre having worked with your educators to teach the students a song and dance which are able to be used as performance items at special events, and several classroom activities.

Session Four: Reflect – Your educators will be invited to attend a follow up session on Zoom with our instructor to reflect on key learnings and to brainstorm ideas for embedding performing arts activities in the classroom.

Programs and Themes

Choose from one of our three curriculum aligned themes featuring original songs and Raw Energy Dance Education (REDed) dance routines.

Connecting with the Earth

Learn how to grow and sow the seeds of a sustainable future in your early childhood setting! This programs encourages children to explore the relationship between the land and people, and is designed to increase children’s knowledge and respect for the land.

Themes: Caring for the earth, growing your own vegetables, gardening, nature

This program connects with Outcome 2.4, 5.1 and 5.3 of the EYLF.

Friendships and Feelings

Create an environment where children learn to model care, empathy and respect in relation to one another. From learning how to interact with other children, to how to engage in fair shared play, this program is designed to help educators teach the fundamentals of friendship, and how to sustain positive relationships with others.

Themes: Sharing, taking turns, making friends, how to be kind

This program connects with Outcome 1.4, 5.1 and 5.3 of the EYLF.

Imagination and Creation

Build confident and curious learners through the world of the imagination! With activities and songs that encourage children to enter a world of make believe, children are exposed to new dispositions for learning, including curiosity, commitment and creativity. This program fosters a safe environment where children have the opportunity and freedom to explore new ideas and extend their thinking.

Themes: Make believe, imagination, play, discovery

This program connects with Outcome 4.1, 5.1 and 5.3 of the EYLF.

Program Details


3 x 1.5 hour in-centre sessions
1 x 1 hour Zoom reflection session
(5.5 hours total)



$750 + GST four-week program
(some locations may incur
additional travel costs)



A leave-behind resource pack (selected from one of the above themes) which includes a performance-ready song and dance, and several classroom activities.


Bring the magic of the performing arts to your Early Childhood Centre