About AGC

The Australian Girls Choir (AGC) provides high quality performing arts education and wonderful performance opportunities to many thousands of girls from across the country.

The AGC was established in 1984 in Melbourne by Judith Curphey OAM. The appeal of the unique approach to combining dance with choral music meant that it was not long before chapters of the organisation opened in other cities around Australia. Today the choir is proud to have 6500 girls learning to sing, dance and perform in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

The founding philosophy behind the AGC is that every child can learn to sing given encouragement and training, and the dynamic and inclusive curriculum is designed to cater to varying abilities and confidence levels. Girls have fun, make friends and blossom musically and socially as members of the choir.

The AGC regularly performs at high profile events around the country, sharing the stage with a long list of outstanding artists including Pharrell Williams, Olivia Newton-John and on tour with Hugh Jackman.

If you’re an event organiser looking to create an amazing experience with the AGC at your next event, please visit the AGC website for more information.

To find out more about the choir, including how to join, please visit the AGC website.