Talking Performing Arts with Teacher PD facilitator Sally Gawley

Talking Performing Arts with Teacher PD facilitator Sally Gawley
31/01/2018 ASPA Group

Building the capacity of specialist and classroom teachers is a focus for ASPA Education. As passionate educators, we believe in equipping teachers with the skills and knowledge to deliver sustainable performing arts programs in their schools.

We’re excited to be presenting two Professional Development workshops in Melbourne in 2018:

  • ‘Inspire your School Choir’ on Friday March 2
  • ‘Performing Arts for your Classroom’ on Friday May 4

Our Professional Development workshops are lead by experienced choir directors, tutors and performing arts specialists.

We recently caught up with choir director Sally Gawley, who will be leading the workshop on March 2, to get her thoughts on all things Performing Arts

How long have you been involved with ASPA?
Since 1999 with a couple of years off to travel and more recently have a baby!

Why do you think it is important for children to have access to the performing arts at school?
Performing Arts builds confidence, it can be a fantastic key to unlock all sorts of learning for children and importantly is super fun! Having fun with friends, learning new skills and working together towards a common goal like a performance are all important reasons to prioritise the Performing Arts.

How would your life be different if you weren’t involved in the performing arts?
I can’t even imagine. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember – it’s been a huge constant in my life. Now with a little one, I love singing to him and helping him with the actions to songs. If I wasn’t involved with ASPA I’d most definitely be singing up a storm with him all the same!

Can you share with us a tip or trick to motivate and engage students during a choir session?
Don’t get too stuck in the preparation of singing– many kids can worry that they won’t be any good or they just can’t do it. Dive in and get going – start the song and go go go! Most children (and teachers!) are soon having fun and have forgotten all about their insecurities. Add some well timed praise and you’ll soon have yourself a choir!

ASPA Teacher PD workshops include practical, interactive and engaging ideas, activities and routines that can be taken directly to the classroom, supported by a resource booklet, digital resources and a certificate of completion.

“Wow – what a talented duo! Beautiful singers and talented presenters. I’ve been to hundreds of PDs and this rates right up there as most fun but also helpful.”
Terry Beggs – Geelong CRT Network

For more information, visit the Teacher PD page on our website, or click here to download a registration form!