Spotlight on Laura Brown

Spotlight on Laura Brown
30/03/2023 ASPA Group

Spotlight on Laura Brown

Meet Laura Brown – one of our experienced and passionate ASPA and Girls from Oz Instructors.

Having had a successful career as a dancer, Laura now uses her love of the performing arts to educate and inspire children of all ages and backgrounds. Laura shares with us insight into what it’s like building a school musical from the ground up, and why she finds the performing arts so fulfilling.

Where it all began…

At age 3, Laura tried her first dance class and hasn’t looked back since. She loved the feeling of being onstage, whether that be performing jazz, tap, hip-hop, ballet or contemporary, and by age 17, Laura knew she wanted to take this feeling further and develop it into a career. At a similar time, Laura began teaching hip-hop at her childhood dance school and found her other niche in choreography. Before even finishing high school, Laura had multiple choreography credits to her name for school musicals, amateur musicals and various dance classes.

“I have always gravitated back to teaching and choreography since that time!”

Pursuing a career in dance

After researching further education in drama and dance, Laura made the decision to move from her hometown in New Zealand across to Melbourne to study at Dance World Studios. Laura graduated with a Diploma in Performing Arts and soon made her professional dance debut, performing and travelling the world aboard Princess Cruises – one of her performance highlights.

“Putting that show onstage the first time as my first major dancer contract was so special.”

When she found her feet back on solid land, Laura continued to pursue a career in dance, including teaching and choreographing for a variety of styles.

“I find performing to be an adrenaline rush, while teaching is a slow build and my greatest satisfaction there is seeing the students come into their own.”

Working for the Australian School of Performing Arts

For 15 years, Laura has worked with ASPA as an Instructor and choreographer. One of the underlying drivers to the work she does with ASPA is the sense of accomplishment she experiences when one of her students achieves something, even if it’s as simple as finding the confidence to go into class with mum for the first time.

“Performing arts gives so many hidden benefits for children. They learn confidence, how to work as a team and expression through movement and song. It creates a safe space for children to explore a different side of themselves.”

From musical programs to dance productions, school concerts, hip-hop programs and Holiday Programs, Laura has experienced most aspects of ASPA Education. In addition to this, Laura has worked extensively with our charity partner, Girls from Oz, participating in dozens of Community Programs and Travel Programs. She is deeply passionate about the work of g-oz, and in turn, the girls love her!

Where to next?

Currently Laura is travelling with the g-oz Team in Halls Creek, WA, delivering their first Community Program for 2023. In Term 2, Laura will return to Hartwell Primary School and Concord School to deliver two school musical programs for ASPA Ed – the former being in a predominantly dance focused role and the latter being a combination of everything including drama, dance, staging, music, costume, props and stage management. On where she begins when taking on two major programs like these she says

“I like to let the music inspire my choreography and consider each age group I teach to ensure formations and choreography are fun and achievable for that age. I’m very flexible when teaching and change or develop things as I see it on the group to ensure each group can achieve their best and look great onstage!” 

We love having Laura as part of the ASPA Team, with her extensive dance knowledge, expert creativity and passion for the performing permeating through all of her work. To book in an ASPA Ed Dance Workshop, visit our website and enquire now!