How to Create Memorable Graduation Performances

How to Create Memorable Graduation Performances
12/06/2024 ASPA Group

How to Create Memorable Graduation Performances

As we sneak closer to the halfway point of 2024, many schools begin preparations for end-of-year events.

Grade 6 Graduation events look different for every school, but including a graduation song or dance performance is an exciting opportunity to bring students together and celebrate their achievements before they progress to High School. With many school events to juggle at the end of each year, graduations can become rushed without adequate planning. Today we’re unpacking things to consider when creating a Year 6 Graduation performance.

Consider the tone for the performance

When planning for a graduation performance piece, a great place to start is to consider the tone you want to create from both the audience and the performers’ perspectives. Do you want to create a performance that’s heartfelt and sentimental? Then consider choosing a meaningful song with inspiring lyrics that connect students with their accomplishments. These pieces are often emotional for the parents and can create a reflective, sentimental tone.

Perhaps you want to create more of a celebratory, party-style tone. Then you might like to stage an energetic dance piece. Choosing a popular song that students already know and love can be a great way to bring everyone together, uplift the audience and celebrate in style!

Or maybe you’d like a mix of both? Start by considering the tone you would like to create, and what you’d like the audience and students to get out of the performance and go from there.

“This was a great program! My daughter really enjoyed herself and felt a great sense of achievement at the end. We’ve been continuing to sing the songs! This was definitely a highlight of her school holidays. Thank you for the encouragement and professionalism of the whole ASPA team involved.” – Claire, parent of Summer Showtime attendee

Play to your strengths

Before you begin locking in repertoire ask “what are my student’s good at and what do they like doing?” There’s no point choosing a big dance number if your students don’t like dancing! Consider the areas your students are strong in to work out what kind of material will be suitable. This will result in a more enjoyable rehearsal process for everyone.

Then consider what you’re good at! Perhaps your students love singing but the thought of conducting a choir terrifies you. In that case you may feel more comfortable choreographing a short dance routine. We suggest making a list of everything your students enjoy and everything you enjoy. Then select a performance piece that falls in the overlap!

“I really enjoyed singing and dancing – so fun! The wealth of knowledge that the presenters possess – amazing! I also loved networking with other PA and Music teachers” – Carlie, Show-Stopping School Concerts attendee

Be practical by considering what’s realistic

There are many aspects to consider when you start planning so practicality is important. Taking into account the time frame, available resources and group requirements will help to ensure the smooth running of a performance piece.

Firstly consider the time frame you will have for putting together a graduation performance piece. Will the item be taught within class time, as a part of a music class or at lunchtime once per week? This can affect the scope of what you’d like to create. It can also be useful to examine the resources you have within your school. Do you have a Teacher who is confident to teach a vocal piece or a dance teacher who would like to choreograph? Consider reviewing the number of students involved. Do you have 200 Grade 6 students? Then a stand and sing vocal piece might be more achievable.

By looking at your time frame and considering your school and cohort, you’ll put yourself in a strong position to ensure a wonderful send-off performance item without the stress.

We Can Help!

If you’re feeling low on time or are interested in some more specialised guidance then let us take the reins for your graduation concert. With a history of creating fun, meaningful and memorable performances, ASPA Education’s experienced Instructors can provide singing, dance and drama coaching to staff and students.

We also have a diverse catalogue of dances pieces and a large library of appropriate kid-friendly repertoire that we can come and teach at your school. We can provide the support you require for the material, whether it’s in the shape of a 90-minute workshop or regular sessions to rehearse and polish the performance pieces.

Head to our School programs page for more information on our workshops.

Ready to get the ball rolling on your school’s graduation piece? Contact us today to discuss how we can support you in creating a fun and memorable school graduation piece!