Corporate Christmas Carols – Ramp up your workplace’s holiday spirit!

Corporate Christmas Carols – Ramp up your workplace’s holiday spirit!
30/10/2019 ASPA Group

Corporate Carols: A refreshing way to ramp up your workplace’s holiday spirit

Whether you’re in healthcare, engineering, or advertising, the holiday season is cause for much celebration. The November/December period sees many companies electing to host a variety of Christmas activities and events to celebrate the hard work of their employees throughout the year, but repeated festivities quickly become tired.

Have you been doing the same thing year on year? Is your staff team up for a bit of fun? Some companies choose to hire Christmas carollers to sing for them, but why not get your team to come together to sing as a group?

You might think it’s not possible, you might think they’ll never do it, but the comment we hear most is, “I can’t believe we just did that!” Anything is possible. Here’s how…

Why sing together?

Our corporate workshops enable people to connect, communicate and co-operate with each other in a unique and powerful way. Research shows that singing together leads to increased energy and team morale, as well as improved health and wellbeing.

So, how does it work?

We work with groups of all sizes and professional backgrounds, and in true Christmas spirit, we believe the more the merrier! We can tailor our repertoire to work with groups of 20 right up to 200. We recommend a 90-minute workshop but can customise this to be longer or shorter depending on your needs.

Breaking it down

We arrive with all of our own equipment and tailor the repertoire to suit your group. This might include some traditional Christmas favourites, or perhaps your team is game to learn a brand new Christmas song together! We start with vocal warm ups and social activities before learning the songs together. Our friendly and experienced performing arts specialists provide your staff with tips and tricks on singing together, and break down the songs to make sure that your team is successful. And, if you’re lucky, our talented Instructors might just sing you a song themselves!

So whether you’re organising a Christmas Party bonanza or an end of year team-building session, if you’re a unique company looking to mix things up this festive season, head to our Corporate Workshops page or call 03 9001 1879 for a free tailored quote.