How to create memorable Year 6 Graduations

How to create memorable Year 6 Graduations
18/10/2019 ASPA Group

How to create memorable Year 6 Graduations

Year 6 Graduations are a wonderful opportunity for students, parents and teachers to celebrate such a significant milestone in their lives. Including a graduation song or dance performance as part of the event is an excellent way to have students up on stage to celebrate their achievements and have fun performing together before they head off to high school.

With many events in the school calendar at the end of each year, without adequate planning graduations get rushed. So today we’re unpacking the most important steps to take if you haven’t yet put together a Year 6 Graduation performance.

Start by deciding on the ‘tone’ for the event

The best place to start is to consider the tone you want to create for the piece. This is both from the audience perspective as well as from the perspective of the performers.

Do you want to create a performance piece that’s heartfelt? Then consider choosing a meaningful song with inspiring lyrics that connects children with what they’ve achieved. These are often tear-jerkers for the parents and are a lovely way to create a sentimental tone.

Or perhaps you want to create more of a party vibe. Then you might like to put together an upbeat and energetic dance piece so your students can entertain their audience. Choosing music from pop songs they already love is a great way to get everyone on board and create a celebratory tone.

Or perhaps you’re after a mix of both. Consider what’s best for your school community and what they’d like out of the graduation and then go about choosing your song or dance item.

Consider what’s realistic in the time frame

Take note of how much time you have to do this in and where it will come from. Is it within class time? Are students happy to come along at lunch time once per week? Will it be part of an existing music class or will you be pulling them out of class?

Also consider the resources within the school. Do you have a teacher who can choreograph a dance, or students who would love to choreograph themselves? Then create a dance number. Do you have 400 year six students? Then you might like to do a song where they all stand still. This is to ensure the kids will be successful and have fun in the process.

By looking at your time frame and considering your school and cohort, you’ll be in the best position possible to ensure a wonderful send-off item without the stress.

Contact us to do the hard work!

If you’re feeling time poor or are after more sprecialised advice and guidance then you may like to work with us one on one. ASPA Education specialises in preparing students for major events including graduations, school concerts, musicals, and eisteddfods.

We have a number of dances ready to go which we can come teach to your students in 1 x 90-minute session.

We also have a large repertoire of appropriate ‘graduation’ style music which we can also teach in a once off session and leave the resources with you to get you through.

Once-off 90-minute workshops start at $200.

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