ASPA’s First ArtsReady Arts Admin Trainees

ASPA’s First ArtsReady Arts Admin Trainees
02/02/2023 ASPA Group

ASPA’s First ArtsReady Arts Admin Trainees

For Australian Girls Choir Alumni, Sammy Percsy and Hallie Paul, working at AGC was something that they had both only dreamt about. Thanks to ASPA’s Partnership with ArtsReady, that dream became a reality, with Sammy on her way to a Certificate III in Business and Hallie a Certificate IV, alongside working for the organisation at age 18 and 19 respectively.

After the success of the program with both Sammy and Hallie, ASPA is thrilled to welcome another ArtsReady Trainee to join our Melbourne Head Office in a full time administration role. To help gain an understanding of what the program entails, Sammy and Hallie share a little bit about their positive experiences.

The ArtsReady and ASPA appeal

Both Sammy and Hallie spent eight years of their life as proud AGC choristers, sparking a love of classical music for Sammy and a passion for dance for Hallie. After graduating from the choir, the two pursued these interests in their hometown of Perth, however the pull of Melbourne and working for AGC compelled them to apply for the ArtsReady Arts Administration Traineeship. For Sammy, who was six months into her Bachelor of Music degree, the traineeship allowed her the opportunity to move to Melbourne and study, only made possible by earning an income at the same time. Similarly, Hallie says the traineeship gave her the opportunity to branch out and challenge herself at a time where she was “comfortable”.   The Certificate IV in business had its appeal, but the real draw card for Hallie was

Having access to education resources to help me in day-to-day work activities – the support both internally and externally by my education providers”. – Hallie Paul

The Highlights of being an Arts Admin Trainee

The advantage of working while simultaneously studying means putting theory into practice in real-time. For Hallie, this means gaining hands-on work experience, without being expected to know everything or being ‘thrown into the deep end’.

It’s being in a supportive and encouraging environment to be able to learn and grow.” – Hallie Paul

Naturally, this personal and professional development comes with making mistakes, however being in a trainee role, ASPA and ArtsReady are there to guide you through those mistakes and take them as learning opportunities.

“The environment of working in this particular office has been really amazing because of the people that I get to work with every day and learn from. I really respect the skills that I’ve been taught and developed over the past six months.” – Sammy Percsy

Unexpected learnings

With such a passion for the arts, it came as a surprise to Sammy how much she enjoyed the business side of the traineeship, and she is thankful that it has “fast tracked her into a business space”.  While the role is administration based, the girls have been supported to learn about the other departments of ASPA, including marketing, music and production.

You want to make the most of it, it’s only a year!” – Hallie Paul

Beyond the Traineeship

After only seven months into the traineeship, our Melbourne Head Office wouldn’t be the same without Sammy and Hallie. In fact, the two have made such an impression that they’re both continuing on at ASPA beyond the completion of their studies. Using her newfound administration skills, Sammy is moving into our Business Services team, while Hallie is moving into a Programs Assistant role with our charity partner, Girls from Oz.

“Without having my admin skills, and the knowledge of how the company works and being surrounded by everybody, it never would have fallen into place.” – Hallie Paul

On whether she will return to the degree she deferred, Sammy says she intends to alongside her new job with ASPA, and in the state she now calls home.

Are you our next Arts Administration Trainee?

If you’re passionate about the performing arts, have a strong work ethic, adaptability and the ability to work in a fast paced environment, Hallie and Sammy suggest that this role might be the one for you! If you need further encouragement, both Sammy and Hallie encourage you to “take the risk” and “just do it!”.

The ArtsReady Arts Administration Traineeship is open to all interested applicants, that is, AGC Alumni and all others!  To see the full job description and to apply, visit aspagroup.com.au/employment