Teacher PD

  • Elinor Cozens

    - by ASPA Group

    “Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm! Great job – you’ve reminded me of the spirit needed and what is most helpful for the kids.”… View Full Post

  • Fiona Balthasar

    - by ASPA Group

    “So glad I came! A thoroughly engaging PD jam packed with practical ideas for teaching a range of age groups.”… View Full Post

  • Terry Beggs

    - by ASPA Group

    “Wow, what a talented duo! Beautiful singers and talented presenters. I’ve been to hundreds of PDs and this rates right up there as most fun but also helpful.”… View Full Post

  • Peter Murnane

    - by ASPA Group

    “Fantastic organisation, infectious energy and the representation of how positive reinforcement and feedback can truly impact adults and teachers, let alone students. I’m a better teacher and person for attending this PD session today.”… View Full Post