Community Programs

  • Lyn Rebello and Anne Selhorst

    - by ASPA Group

    “In their reflection on the program many students talked about how they loved the program, how it “touched their hearts”. Students have also come together more cohesively as a group and have been more relaxed and open to language instruction.”… View Full Post

  • Vikki Lahore

    - by ASPA Group

    “As well as creating opportunities to explore new skills, this program also gives individuals the opportunity to grow in confidence, and develop new methods of self-expression that are vital to individuals’ independence.”… View Full Post

  • Carly Minnett

    - by ASPA Group

    “This program has been a rich, positive experience for our students. This program supports the students’ language acquisition and is of great assistance to their language and self esteem development.”… View Full Post

  • Paul McDonald

    - by ASPA Group

    “Our relationship with ASPA means children in care are introduced to music – the great healer and connector. The program has revealed new ideas and capabilities that have not been previously obvious to them, and has enhanced their view of … View Full Post