Building the capacity of specialist and classroom teachers to deliver engaging, effective performing arts education in their classrooms is a focus for the Australian School of Performing Arts.

As passionate educators, we believe in equipping teachers with the skills and knowledge to deliver sustainable performing arts programs at their school.

Professional Development sessions delivered by ASPA Education can align with student workshops or be undertaken as a separate element.

Workshops can run from 1.5 to 6 hours and can be held either at your school or at an ASPA centre.

Content is tailored depending on the workshop audience – we can work with you to design a workshop that is specific to your needs, or you can select from one of our existing programs. Workshops include practical, interactive and engaging ideas, activities and routines that can be taken directly to the classroom, supported by a resource booklet, digital resources and a certificate of completion..

Past workshops have included:

  • Start or Revive Your School Choir – launching and running a vibrant school choir that students will want to join
  • Music and Dance for your Classroom – incorporating the performing arts into the curriculum
  • Performing Arts Bag of Tricks – practical activities to get your students excited about the arts
  • Assembly Items to Remember – creative repertoire ideas that will inspire your students and their audiences

Specialist music and general classroom teachers alike benefit from the practical skills and knowledge that our experienced instructors deliver in a relaxed, dynamic and positive environment.

Our next Teacher PD workshops will be held in February 2018. To be notified when more details are confirmed, contact us today!



Variable – ranging from 1.5 to 6 hours





$190 – full day at an ASPA centre




Interactive workshops
Practical ideas, activities and
routines for the classroom
Supporting resource booklet
Experienced facilitators
Workshops tailored to meet needs


Learn skills that are readily
transferred to the classroom
Meet other teachers
Share ideas and experiences


  • "Fantastic organisation, infectious energy and the representation of how positive reinforcement and feedback can truly impact adults and teachers, let alone students. I'm a better teacher and person for attending this PD session today."
    Peter MurnaneTeacher at Black Rock PS
  • "So glad I came! A thoroughly engaging PD jam packed with practical ideas for teaching a range of age groups."
    Fiona BalthasarLilydale CRT Network
  • “Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm! Great job - you've reminded me of the spirit needed and what is most helpful for the kids.”
    Elinor CozensSouth Yarra Primary School
  • "Wow, what a talented duo! Beautiful singers and talented presenters. I’ve been to hundreds of PDs and this rates right up there as most fun but also helpful."
    Terry BeggsGeelong CRT Network